Heather Mike Oster

About Us~Our Story

Mike and Heather offer real solutions, are dedicated to helping their clients understand the current real estate market that helps them make informed decisions when buying, selling, or investing. They are your beacon of light in the real estate world, helping you navigate choppy waters in the homeownership-buy-sell-invest process.

Heather’s 13 years as a Realtor and licensed Broker since 2001, her 8 years as a residential mortgage loan officer she specialized in varying home loans: conventional, government, construction and renovation loans. And 3 years as commercial finance manager makes her a valuable knowledge base for her clients in making smart financial decisions.

Mike‘s 15 years as a Realtor in residential and commercial buying, selling, and investing fit perfectly after he retired from his career as an Aerospace Engineer. His experience, knowledge, and attention to details gives him an edge when it comes to negotiations and closing transactions.

Mike and Heather Oster put God first at all times and above all else, they have nurturing hearts to teach, guide and pour out in serving others and they have integrity, trust and success in building solid relationships. They teach & facilitate together Financial Peace University courses helping young and mature single individuals and couples live in financial peace. They love volunteering in the community, at their church and are highly respected by the people they serve!

Remember, you don’t have to brave the choppy seas of real estate alone.

Call Heather and Mike Oster at Real Property Solutions today and let them be your beacon of light in the real estate world. You can reach them at contact methods below!!