smiling family sitting on lawnWhen Tammany Parish, also called St. Tammany Parish, was first founded in the early nineteenth century, it had only two small towns. Covington, which is now the County Seat, was a resort town with hotels and summerhouses, and Madisonville – a town founded on shipbuilding and sawmills. Modern day Tammany Parish, with a population over 230,000, is blossoming with three cities, three towns, two villages, two census designated places, and thirty-two undesignated places. Tammany Parish is one of the fastest growing parishes in Louisiana, and is the most affluent parish in the state. The schools in Tammany Parish are consistently rated among the highest statewide. The area has a sub-tropical, near perfect climate, and is also home to two state parks, and also The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway -the world’s longest bridge. Due to its proximity to Lake Pontchartrain, Tammany Parish is also referred to as North Shore.

Tammany Parishes state parks include Fairview Riverside State Park and Fontainebleau State Park. Fairview Riverside State Park is perfect for camping, water sports, and fishing on 99 acres of gorgeous grounds. The park is also the site of the Otis House Museum, a historic monument, built in 1885. Fontainebleau State park sprawls across 2,800 acres of what used to be a sugar cane plantation, and is now a bird-watcher’s paradise.

St. Tammany Parish Public Schools, consistently achieving high status throughout the state, houses a total of 55 schools. There are two K-1 schools, two schools for grades 2-3, ten schools for grades K-3, four schools for grades K-5, two schools for grades Pre-K-5, three schools for grades K-6, eight schools for grades 4-6, six schools for grades 7-8, three schools for grades 6-8, two schools for grades 4-8, two schools for grades PK-8, eight high schools, two special schools, and one disciplinary school for grades 6-12.

Public transportation in Tammany Parish is made available by goSTAT, for rural and urban residents, including a door-to-door service available for a fee by reservation.

The subtropical climate in Tammany Parish is close to perfect with summer high temperatures reaching around 90 degrees, winter lows a comfortable 66 degrees, and a year round temperature of around 68 degrees. You will, however, need an umbrella from time to time as the area receives around 60 inches of rain annually.

When you’re looking for an affluent community that is steadily growing, with some of the best schools Louisiana has to offer, and near perfect temperatures year-round, Tammany Parish, Louisiana may be the perfect place to call home.

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